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As featured in Yarnmaker magazine, the reversible "Spinny" aprons.


Black one side for spinning light fibres, white the other for spinning dark fibres, these aprons have a unique handmade continuous inkle braid. The braids can be made in the colours of your choice, or you can choose from a small selection Bee has already made.
Your name can be added to both sides of the apron, really handy for guild meetings and other spinning get-togethers.    £25.00 plus £3.50 p&p
Please email us if you are interested, and we can send you a photo of the braids in stock, or we can discuss your choice of colours.


Bee offers 1 to 1 workshops on fused glass, lampwork & tiffany style glass, and small-group classes in knitting, spinning and weaving.


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Dichroic Glass Stained Glass Making Beads

We are based in Cheshire in the UK and if you would like to pop in to look at our items more closely, please let us know via  email  and we can give you directions.