Bee passionately loves to make things from wool and glass - whenever possible from both.

Her mornings are devoted to working with glass, such as her fused glass decorations, beautiful dichroic jewellery and Cathedral glass designs.

Her afternoons are for weaving: her freestyle weaving technique ensures that no two garments are the same with the colours and techniques used often determined by the weather conditions or the music she listens to. If her garments need a fastening she usually uses one of her own glass buttons to finish the clothing off with a flourish.

After she has been teaching a new craft, she uses the lesson plan to create a new kit, often using her glasswork to act as a highlight. Her kits include weaving (with her own design of palm loom), Mayan spinning, kumihimo braiding, wet felting, knit and felt jewellery and knitting. She makes these of an evening.


Bee offers 1 to 1 and small group workshops on any of her crafts.

She will also do talks to Craft Groups, WIs and Guilds.  

workshop in action

If you would like to see what Bee has been up to, she sends a monthly email newsletter. If you would like to receive a copy please send us an email.

She will only send about 1 per month (unless she is doing something she is really excited about!) and your email address will not be used for anything else, or sold, or given away etc. etc.


Each month there is a Playday

- A morning of tea & coffee, communal brain-picking and show'n'tell, soup lunch - An afternoon of more tea & coffee and a mini workshop


Bee puts her most recent creations on her facebook page first - you can link to them here.


We are based in Cheshire in the UK and if you would like to pop in to look at our items more closely, please let us know via  email  and we can give you directions. 

If you are interested in anything Bee does, or have seen on the site - or just want to send an email to Bee - this is the best link.